Dolphin encounters

human-dolphin connection

Using the Mirror of Nature,
touching the silence of who we are
and responding to life from that place.

This experience inspires the WildQuest
vision of Retreats and Adventures.

Experience the difference!

Dolphins have been swimming freely in the world's oceans since the beginning of recorded history. People from many countries have met and interacted with them.

Many people have experienced that contact with these sentient beings has therapeutic effects on our physiology and our spiritual/emotional state. When they interact with humans in their native environment, dolphins seem to revel in obvious joy. Swimmers often report a feeling of deep relaxation, even bliss. Dolphins emit high frequency sonar which we hear as a series of clicks and whistles. The dolphin's ability to induce this euphoric state in us is most apparent when these sounds are transmitted to us through water.

360° Panoramic View

We extend an invitation to you to come and connect with these magnificent beings in their natural habitat. The exquisite beauty and the joy they bring will expand all that you feel is good and well within you, enhancing your capacity for living your life to the fullest. It is quite a privilege to share and witness events as profound as dolphin encounters. We accompany our guests on all the excursions to visit the dolphin pods and personally support and facilitate the connection. Our dream is to make this experience available to as many people as we possibly can.

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"Dolphin reminds us to tune in to the essence of life by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Dolphin also helps us tune-in to our own rhythm and become one with 'Mother Nature's' rhythm. This medicine teaches us to ride the waves of laughter and spread joy throughout the world."

"Dolphin", The Medicine Cards - Jamie Sams.