We love to have children come to Bimini

One of the things that dolphins help us relearn is how to play!

Us homo sapiens, as we get older, tend to forget this very healthy and fun thing to do.
Kids also can help to remind us of this.

We have "children" up to 90 years old coming to visit us in Bimini, becoming part of this beautiful WildQuest Human pod! For us it feels very healthy to have friends of all ages meeting and creating our human pod for the week.

Children 2 years and older are welcome on any of our WildQuest Sacred Journey retreat programs in June through September, which covers most school holidays in the US and in Europe.

Teens 12 years and older are welcome on any of our retreat programs from April to November.

If you have a child under 2 and you would like to come, please contact the reservations office.

Children's Discounts

  • 2-11 years - $400 discount
  • 12-17 years - $200 discount

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