The Human-Dolphin Connection Retreat

We offer a one-week program from April to November. It is possible to come for more than one week if your circumstances allow. We stay on the small tropical island of Bimini, in the Bahamas. We are scheduled to go out on the boat each day to connect with the dolphins, taking our picnic lunch with us. We will also visit the famous legendary Atlantis Stones and go snorkeling at various coral reefs with hundreds of tropical fish.

Every morning before breakfast there is a Yoga class. Other group sessions are also offered at different times, either meditation, Quantum Light Breath or Insight Circles.

Of course these inclusive classes are optional, and we find they are an excellent way to enhance our experience on the boat, with the ocean and connecting with the dolphins. Participate if it feels right for you or you may simply prefer to relax on the beach.

Individual massage sessions are always available.

The combination of Yoga, healthy food, cruising and relaxing on the boat, the warm aquamarine ocean and being with the Dolphins makes for a magical, relaxing retreat experience. We have several weeks in our schedule with guest facilitators, who share their own unique flavor.

To learn more about how yoga makes the perfect accompaniment to swimming with dolphins. Full program details are on the schedule pages - please check our Q&A page where many common questions are answered.