the ultimate holistic meditative retreat

ChakrasWe find the combination of Yoga, breathwork, meditation and wholesome healthy food, plus being and swimming with the dolphins, cruising and relaxing on the boat on the clear, warm aquamarine ocean, provides a firm holistic basis for a nurturing, rejuvenating holiday. All of this enhances the spiritual health and wellbeing of everyone who comes to join us on one of these truly magical dolphin swim retreats.

Every morning on all our dolphin swim retreats we offer optional yoga classes for all those who like an enlivening start to the day.
Yoga is not only a great way to stretch, open up and tone the body, but it also encourages us to put more conscious attention into our breathing. Breathing correctly is an essential part of the holistic approach to a truly healthy lifestyle, and remembering to breathe more deeply and evenly into the lower belly helps us unwind, and increases our natural sense of wellbeing.

Interestingly, unlike us, the dolphins are ‘conscious breathers’, i.e., they have to remain awake in order to remember to breathe. In other words, dolphins must ‘remain in the present’ (as yogis of the seas!), and perhaps it is this state of conscious awareness that humans find so magical and magnetic.

We like to take this lesson from the dolphins and work holistically with the breath, using yoga and other techniques such as the Quantum Light breath meditation. We have found that these combined techniques help us remain in the present moment – and we can go out on the boat and meet the dolphins from this place. The present moment is where life happens!

Amlas is our resident yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for 25 years, studying and teaching various types of yoga and dance in England, India and the US. Her style is intuitive, using the yoga asanas as a tool for meditation.

Amlas "I consider meditation as lifes' greatest luxury, its function being to put the mind aside. Playfully practicing yoga can be a tremendous help in dropping the habit of thinking of the past and into the future - letting the stress and anxiety go, and dropping into this present moment where life is happening."

"It also feels so good - the body really appreciates your effort! The dolphins are conscious breathers; they have to remain in the present moment. Our bodies live in the present moment – and by tuning in to the body, our beautiful vehicle on this planet, we can do the same. I customize each class according to who is present - and welcome everyone to come and enjoy, beginners and old hands alike!"

Along with Amlas we also have several guest yoga teachers who come and share their particular ‘flavor’ of yoga during the season. Read an article in Yogi Times.

"Stretching and opening my day with Amlas' yoga helped me to set the intention for honoring self and others, in the warm rising light of the morning sun before breakfast. It is perfect for yogis and yoginis of all skill levels and depths."

- Nala. Ashland, Oregon