Bimini Island

Laid Back Beauty

Deserted white sand beaches, shimmering crystal clear warm waters, welcoming islanders, funky colourful architecture, reggae and restaurants. Hello relaxation!

Bimini means Mother of Many Waters, (in ‘Taino’, the native American Indian language spoken here in years gone past).

Some say Bimini is home to the ancient ‘lost City of Atlantis’; more recently the island was infamous as a favourite location for rum-­runners during Prohibition. Today this gem of a playground has become known as the deep-­sea fishing-­capital of the world and the very best place, anywhere, to swim with wild dolphins.

The horseshoe-shaped island is very narrow, so the Retreat Centre is seconds away from stunning beaches, often deserted, where you can swim, sunbathe and take moonlight strolls.

On the Retreat Centre’s doorstep, nature treats us to a splendid sunrise every morning overlooking the bay, where our catamaran, DolphinQuest, is moored.

Sparkling turquoise by day, golden orange by night, the waters in Bimini soak up your cares, leaving you purified and new.

Did You Know?

His stays on Bimini were the inspiration for Ernest Hemingway’s famous novels, “Islands in the Stream” and “The Old Man and the Sea.”

Bimini Facts

  • 50 (80km) miles east of Forth Lauderdale, Florida.
  • 20 minutes by plane.
  • Westernmost island of The Bahamas.
  • Deep waters facing West, rich in tropical fish, wahoo, marlin, sailfish.
  • Three islands, North, South & East Bimini.
  • The North Island is WildQuest’s Home – 7 miles (11km) long, 700 ft. (210m) wide.
    • Alice Town – ‘downtown’ Bimini, main marinas & a few bars. Police Station, Medical Clinic, Museum, Post Office.
    • Bailey Town – residential, grocery & variety stores, churches.
    • Porgy Bay – Fishing village, Medical Clinic. WILDQUEST is here.
    • Beaches – Western side of the island; Radio Beach, Blister Beach, Spook Hill Beach (closest to WildQuest).
    • Two roads run North – South, Kings and Queen’s Highway.
    • Golf Cart or complimentary bikes are most comfortable way to get around.
    • Royal Bank of Canada branch 10 minutes walk from the Retreat Centre. ATM works most of the time.
  • Esoteric Sites
    • Healing Hole, East Bimini, curative sulphur springs in the mangroves.
    • Bimini ‘Atlantis’ Road, off west coast North Bimini. Underwater rock formations in 18ft of water.
      Could these be the remains from the lost continent of ‘Atlantis?
      Edgar Cayce predicted Atlantis would rise again at this spot.