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The Best Place To Swim With Dolphins In The Wild

The WildQuest Experience Of A Lifetime!


All retreats create an atmosphere to help disconnect from the hubbub of ordinary daily life and to connect with the slower, natural more subtle rhythms of the ocean, the sun and the dolphins.

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We invite you to come and enjoy these magnificent sentient beings in their own home, on their own terms and to share the mutual joy of being together in the crystal clear, warm waters off the Bimini coast.

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Healthy Food & Relaxation

Nourishing from the inside out! Happy tummies make happy holidays. Our expert cook prepares delicious, mostly organic, healthy meals, and can cater for most dietary needs. It’s a treat to eat outside, overlooking the bay.

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World Class Swimming With Dolphins Experience

Sometimes it’s windy, sometimes flat calm, sometimes the water is mysterious and sometimes it is crystal blue and you can see underwater like a vast swimming pool. But if it’s this or that, it doesn’t matter.

The dolphins and our connection with them can deal with the weather. At the end it’s only us and them. Being.

The Human-Dolphin Connection

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What Our Guests Say

  • From the very first visit, I felt that Bimini was my spiritual home - I had no idea at that point how important and totally life-changing this would be for me.  I was in a very unhappy place when I arrived there but felt an immediate sense of relief as though someone had put their arms around me in a warm and loving embrace.  As an ocean lover, I completely surrendered to the sea and the added joy of being with the dolphins and learning to free dive was beyond my wildest imagination.  The weeks have been filled with love, communication, silence, joy, dancing, singing, acceptance, talking and listening - how can this not help to find the sense of self?  I learned so much from other people and felt a huge gratitude every day to have found this wonderful retreat where love, joy and acceptance are on the menu every day.

    Doreen Thorogood
  • From being totally unsure if I would even get off the boat to not wanting to get back in the boat is an accomplishment that I owe to the beautifully supportive crew of WildQuest. I will return for my third trip in 2022. Don’t hold yourself back!

    Cathy Taylor
  • This was literally the most amazing experience of my life. The people here are really doing it right. All of our interactions with the dolphins were respectful and peaceful. We got plenty of instructions on how to interact with them so that they would want to stay. And the dolphins stuck around day after day, accepting and welcoming us into their world. Crew members helped me learn to free dive in a way the dolphins would respond well to and that allowed me to have amazing interactions with them. No one was EVER left out due to a lack of swimming ability or comfort in the water. I would recommend WildQuest to anyone. Whatever you are trying to find  - amazing wild animals, adventures, tranquillity, even if you are trying to find yourself, you can find it at WildQuest.

    Denise B.
  • These dolphins changed my life forever, as did the WildQuest crew, the retreat, and the glorious ocean. Forever and ever grateful. Loved and love the twelve-plus years of what became a spiritual retreat that every time sent me home a kinder, happier human being

    Patti Anderson
  • Beautiful shades of blue, both the ocean and the sky, balmy breezes. This was my 2nd time at WildQuest. The crew is fantastic, always willing to answer questions or help you learn how to snorkel. DolphinQuest, their 42-foot catamaran is quite comfortable. The dolphins – what can I say, they are just amazing to see and swim with in the wild. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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