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Nourishing From The Inside Out

Happy tummies make happy holidays. Food is part of the fun at WildQuest.

Our expert cook prepares delicious, mostly organic, healthy meals, and can cater for dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free.

For any other specific dietary needs,  we can see, with our limited supplies, whether we can accommodate or whether you need to bring something with you to supplement. Please let us know this information in your account when you make your reservation with us.

Help yourself to coffee and teas, regular, soy and almond milk and honey. There is also filtered drinking water and iced herbal tea with dinner.

Meals are served in the dining room in the main house. It’s a treat to eat outside at the communal table, overlooking the garden and the bay.

Most of our food is imported from the USA. Shopping for groceries on Bimini is very limited. There’s nothing grown on the island. If you need your own favorite snack or dietary supplement, please bring it with you.

What’s On Offer?

A buffet of eggs, French toast, freshly prepared waffles, granola, cereal, fruit, breads & spreads, orange juice, teas and coffee.

Picnic lunch.
Pack your own to take on the boat from a choice of salads and sandwiches.

A vegetarian option and either a fish or chicken entrée and dessert.

Dinner Out.
We dine out one night of the week at an authentic local restaurant to enjoy Caribbean food, culture and island music (Not included in your package).

Dolphin banana
Fresh waffles
Scrambled Eggs
Dinning room
Bircher Müsli
WQ compound

 Generous Comfort

The WildQuest Retreat Centre sits bay-­side, in the friendly, Caribbean ‘funky’ fishing village of Porgy Bay, North Bimini. Stunning beaches are a minute’s walk away.

Light, airy and spacious, with its own bay-­side terrace and mooring, the WildQuest Retreat Centre is the perfect spot to relax and chill out after a day on the ocean.

The dining room and beautiful meditation/yoga studio are in the main house. The rooms, just a few steps from the water, are clean, modern and very generous. Previous guests describe them as ‘comfortably functional, rather than luxurious’, suited to the laid back vibe that characterizes our vacations.

All rooms are non-­smoking, with air-­conditioning, a small fridge and most have a private bath.

The sunrise over the bay is spectacular, a joy to behold from the terrace and bay-­side bedrooms. Treat yourself to a bay-­side room upgrade. Numbers are limited so book early!

The price of your package per person is based on double occupancy of each room, i.e., sharing a room with a partner, friend or other like-hearted participant. If you prefer not to share, we can upgrade you to a private single room for an additional fee.

Bringing your family? Give us a call us to discuss specific needs. We’re happy to chat. And give discounts for kids.

WQ Retreat Center
WQ Compound
WQ Compound
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