Moments with Dolphins

We realize that it is important for you to capture those beautiful moments swimming with the dolphins, as well as a myriad of other moments that happen, during this week of a lifetime. It is a joy to share these memories with friends and loved ones back home.

One of the highlights of our WildQuest experience is that we capture the photos of week for you, both on land and underwater, thanks to our expert photographers. This frees you up to really experience what is happening, rather than viewing the experience through the camera lens. And ensures the memories will be preserved forever. 

A selection of the best photos are compiled and uploaded in high resolution to an Online Photo Gallery and available for purchase at the end of your retreat week.  You can download, print and share them from the gallery.

If you’d love to bring the dolphin energy into your home, visit our online shop where you can order high quality prints and larger formats of our best dolphin photography.

We also regularly share our photos on Flickr, Facebook and Instagram. Follow us to enjoy our stunning dolphin photos.

Dolphin Pics

A Best-Of selection is published every week on WildQuest FlickR.

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