What is a WildQuest Retreat?

Happy, Healing and Harmonious

Come and experience the magical world of the wild dolphins of Bimini, while spending a week held in a loving, sacred container with a group of like-minded souls. This is a group retreat/wilderness experience, designed to re-connect us with ourselves, each other and the dolphins, in a loving supportive environment.

All WildQuest retreats are run by our wild and beautiful international team – the WildQuest crew. Each crew member brings different gifts and skills, and a shared heart-centred desire to support your amazing experience in Bimini — both on and off the water.

More like friends in a ‘human pod’, the crew have been working together for many years, with one goal: to create a transformational journey into the dolphins’ world, for you to meet the majesty of the ocean and most importantly, the sacred within you.

WildQuest retreats are either led by world-class facilitators – animal communicators, yoga teachers, life coaches, energy healers and spiritual teachers – or by our resident WildQuest crew. Every week is different – choose the flavour that speaks to you!!!

Each week is centered around the days on the water aboard our beautiful catamaran DolphinQuest, snorkelling and looking for the dolphins. It also includes a unique program of facilitator-led group activities depending on the flavour of the week. If you’re a facilitator and would like to being your own group, find out more.

Every week we see transformation happen. WildQuest retreats can be powerful, expansive, and heartfelt. A vacation from your usual self. Expect much laughter, maybe tears, great new friendships and moments you’ll never forget. 

Nurturing exercise, mindfulness, wholesome healthy food, lazy ­days cruising out into open, warm, aquamarine seas to find the dolphins, chilling out on a boat-­full of like-minded people, with loving support from WildQuest crew members and guest facilitators. What a delightful combination.

Retreats at WildQuest leave you rejuvenated. Full again, with the joys of life and a renewed sense of connection. Take a look at our Retreat Schedule and find the week that calls to you. We can’t wait to see you!

One-week Retreats Run from April to October

Check the schedule for your favourite time to join us. You’re welcome to stay for two weeks. Or more! 

A Typical Day at WildQuest

    Over the bay, reflecting pink and blue clouds above.
    A natural, healthy, wholesome buffet.
    Join the morning session with facilitator of the week OR swim or stroll nearby beaches.
    Pack your own to take on the boat.
    DolphinQuest motors through the bay and turns north, out into open seas. Oh, the joy when we spot those fins somewhere in 40 square miles of turquoise blue depths.
    Sometimes the dolphins swim along the bow of the boat. Sometimes they stop long enough for us all to slide in and join them. Sometimes they stay a while, checking us out, diving down, coming up to meet us so, so close.
    Sailing back as the sun sets, stopping off for a swim, maybe dancing on the boat all the way home or sitting silently grateful. Hopefully not sunburnt if you take care.
    Plenty of hot water.
    A hot, delicious daily special. We eat out at a local restaurant one day of the week.
    Join the evening session with the facilitator of the week AND/OR sunset, a stroll, perhaps, a midnight swim, silence, stargazing, a cold beer, chats with friends, a good book, up to you.

The WildQuest Maxim: RARE

  • Relax

    Relaxing and floating with no tension, with no goal.

  • Allow

    Allowing the dolphins to approach on their own terms.

  • Receive

    Receiving the dolphins with open hearts.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoying the gift of this moment in time.

We Love Kids

Dolphins remind us how to play, as kids do. As we humans get older, we tend to take ourselves very seriously and forget how healthy it is to play. How to be in the moment. Innocent.

‘Children’ up to 90 years old (and older) come visit us in Bimini, becoming part of our beautiful WildQuest ‘human pod’! Connection has no age limits.

Children two years and older are welcome on any of our WildQuest Sacred Journey programs, June through September – school holiday time in the US and Europe. Check with the facilitator of your week if you are wanting to bring kids or teens.

Teens twelve years and older are welcome on most of our retreat programs during the season, April to November.

If you’d like to bring a child under two, please contact the reservations office.

Children’s Discounts

2-11 years > $400 discount
12-17 years > $200 discount.

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