Travel Insurance

Better Safe Than Sorry

Pre-­existing medical condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that you want covered and/or you want a comprehensive policy, please check with your insurance company as they may require purchase of insurance within 24 hours of initial payment to WildQuest.

Cancellation insurance

This covers you for the rare possibility that you might have to cancel due to illness, family emergency or situations out of your control.

It is also possible that a WildQuest program has to be cancelled due to weather or other adverse conditions out of our control. WildQuest will only cancel a program due to possible severe weather once NOAA has issued a hurricane warning for our area, which means hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours.

In these cases there will be no refunds, program reschedules or replacements possible from WildQuest, so we highly recommend that you get insurance that covers for all these eventualities.

You may use any travel insurance company you like. One website that allows you to compare different insurers and policies is: www.insuremytrip.com.

You MUST have a valid insurance policy, which includes emergency medical coverage. Check your insurance covers total cost, including flights. Please bring a copy of your insurance with you.

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