Getting There & Back

The Week At A Glance

You arrange your travel to Fort Lauderdale Airport or nearby Miami Airport in Florida and your travel from the airport to the hotel. From there, we take care of everything. Your night’s stay at the 4 star Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina hotel and transport to and from airports when traveling with the group, are included in the package.

Because we take care of all travel arrangements  to and from the island, this is an ideal holiday for those looking for a wilderness experience, without having to go on it alone. A wonderful way for solo travellers to belong to a like-minded group where connecting from the heart is a priority.

Monday – Morning.
We all catch the island plane to Bimini, take a trip on our catamaran, DolphinQuest in the afternoon and sleep at the Retreat Centre.

Tuesday – Friday.
We spend four more days on DolphinQuest, (weather permitting) and sleep at the Retreat Centre.

Saturday – Morning.
We put you on the island plane to Fort Lauderdale International airport to catch your self-arranged flight home.

If you want a couple of extra nights before or after the WildQuest Week, please call the office. If you stay for two consecutive retreats, you are welcome to spend the interim weekend at WildQuest’s retreat center and explore the island on your own. Accommodation is $100 per room and you take care of your own meals.

Getting There

WildQuest is based in Bimini, The Bahamas, just off the Florida coast. We all meet together on the first night of the program, Sunday at 5:30 pm at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina  hotel. Check-­in time is 4:00pm.

PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS TO the Hilton hotel. The closest airports are either Fort Lauderdale or about an hour’s drive away Miami, Florida.

We pick you up early Monday morning by shuttle bus from the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina hotel to the Sheltair FBO facility at Fort Lauderdale International Airport for our short twenty-­minute flight to Bimini.

Getting Back

The return flight from Bimini to the Sheltair FBO facility at Fort Lauderdale International Airport is the following Saturday morning. You should clear customs by around 11 am.

For booking your flight home these times are recommended:

  • From Fort Lauderdale International Airport, DOMESTIC flights
    > After 1:30 pm
  • From Fort Lauderdale International Airport, INTERNATIONAL flights
    > After 2:30 pm.
  • From Miami International Airport, DOMESTIC flights
    > After 3:30 pm.
  • From Miami International Airport, INTERNATIONAL flights
    > After 4:30 pm.

Island Plane Weight Limits

Baggage 40lbs/18kg limit, including carry on. Over-weight bags may be charged extra. Please report your own body weight accurately when making your reservation.

Valid Passport / Visa

All visitors, including US and Canadian citizens, must show a valid passport to enter The Bahamas.
Check if you also need a visa to enter the USA!

Saving The Planet

Climate change is a serious environmental threat and air travel is the fastest growing contributor to the problem.

To play our part in tackling climate change and limiting our personal impact, we have teamed up with Climate Care to offset our greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Care ‘offsets’ the amount of energy you used to fly by creating or saving energy through a series of projects in renewable and energy efficiency projects.

Check out the emissions calculator by selecting your point of departure and arrival, which will tell you how much energy your flight used and the amount of money you could contribute to offset it. You can use the calculator to offset emissions from flying, driving and household energy use too.

climate careSaving the planet, one calculation at a time.

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