One World, One Pod

What’s not to love about letting go of all your cares as you cruise the world’s clearest, bluest waters in nature that is beauty to behold: A wilderness play ground to meet and have fun, hanging out with the ocean’s smartest, most sociable animals.

Meeting dolphins in the wild, on their own terms, is magical. An instant plug-in to being in the ‘here and now’. A re-connection with your own joy.

It’s our joy to make it so, so easy for you. We take care of every detail. WildQuest is a place to make friends with other like­minded souls and sincere, heartfelt crew, in what quickly becomes a ‘human pod’. Where you can belong again.

A relaxing mix of sailing open seas, dolphin swims, healthy delicious food (organic when possible) a laid-­back Retreat Centre for chilling out and enjoying the program of the week. Designed to re-­connect you with your own body, so you can connect with the dolphins when they come to greet you.

WildQuest is an uplifting, gentle adventure. Each year a third of our guests come back for more. Traveling alone or with friends/family – all are welcome here. We can’t wait to see you.


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Sacred Journey Retreats

Week-long retreats hosted by the resident WildQuest crew. Yoga and Meditation are a main part of each Sacred Journey week, (but optional if you’d rather do your own thing).

Facilitated Weeks

Specialist group leaders add their own brand of extraordinary talents to this potent, healing mix. Check the Schedule for facilitator weeks and the particular flavour that most serves your inner growth right now.

Private Weeks

Have WildQuest all to yourself and a select group. Celebrations, corporate events and weddings. Or however you want to make the week your own.  Contact the office for details.

What We Take Care of

WildQuest has been swimming with wild dolphins in Bimini since 1999. On average, throughout the season, we meet the dolphins 4 out of 5 days each week. Most importantly our guests feel safe and secure on the boat and in the water.  Check our ratings on tripadvisor.

Meeting Dolphins
Yoga & Meditation

Meet The Crew

  • Atmo
    Atmo Czech | Director & Photographer

    Free Spirit, Adventure Enthusiast, Dolphin Spotter de luxe – likes to tell quirky jokes.

  • Amlas
    Amlas English | Director & Yoga Teacher

    Yoga Goddess, Queen Bee, Mad Hatter – likes to enjoy a good cup of tea and a biscuit.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Czech | Crew since 2016

    Tech Wiz, Dumpling Lover, Engine Enthusiast – likes to take things apart.

  • Martinka
    Martinka Czech | Crew since 2016

    Trainee, Millennial, Lip Sync Queen – likes to bake cakes with secret recipes.

  • Prasuna
    Prasuna Irish | Crew since 2016

    Kayak Kitty, Hara Healer, Sea-born Sailor – likes to have clothes neatly folded.

  • Alok
    Alok American | Crew since 2012

    Mountain Goat, Ice Climber, Skiing God – likes to eat lots of healthy food.

  • Jwala
    Jwala Dutch | Crew since 2009

    Mayonnaise Fan, Spear Fisher, Ocean Woman – likes to move fast forward.

  • Chris
    Chris American | Crew since 2016

    Captain Extraordinaire, Sailor, Dive Master – likes to drift and meditate.

  • Nala
    Nala American | Reservations Office

    Animal Lover, Park Ranger, People Person – likes to get into the nitty gritty bits.

  • Sandy
    Sandy Bahamian | Security since 2014

    Pot Cake, Bimini Girl, Sand Addict – likes to swim with dolphins all day long.

Projects We Support

We are passionate about our work. We do all we can to support the preservation of all wildlife especially cetaceans and the oceans.

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