Live like Dolphins

Anne Gordon de Barrigon often finds it easier to get along with animals than people. She grew up watching whales swimming by her childhood home on the beach at Olympia, Washington. Her fondest [...]

Live Q&A Feb 6th

Everything you ever wanted to know about WildQuest’s program, Bimini the island, how to get there and how to book a week at WildQuest. Our reservations specialist Nala Cardillo answers all [...]

Stella Maris Speaks

Listening to the quietest voice. She has never lost touch with the other realms she knows surround us. Angel guides, animal companions and the sweet power of nature were always welcome visitors [...]

Tara Bread

Whenever Tara our cook bakes bread, the smell is so homely, it makes you want to cut up a few slices hot from the oven, slather them with butter and take a seat over the heavenly lagoon behind [...]

Snorkeling 101

If you’re coming to WildQuest, the comfier you are with breathing gently and clearing your snorkel, the more beautiful your time will be. You don’t have to be a good swimmer to enjoy [...]

From Cop to Mermaid

By her early twenties Jen was living the dream. A successful Police Officer earning a near six-figure salary, a nice home and a solid five year relationship living with her partner. Yet a gnawing [...]

Birding with Nala

Some of you may know Nala as our reservations specialist. What you may not know, is that she’s a certified nature nerd with a passion for birding. The feathered kind, in the wild. Since playing [...]

Going Wild at 97!

“What’s this thing called a bucket list?” 97-year-old Jeannie Johnson asked. “All the things you haven’t done yet that you’d still like to,” explained her best friend Steve, aged 65. On Jeannie’s [...]

Oceanic Royalty

Suddenly, there he was. Literally out of the blue. All 25ft of him. A whale shark showed up on DolphinQuest’s bow. We jumped in quickly enough to have a swim and he slowed and stayed a while with [...]

Healing The Heart

By Terri O’Hara I believe dolphins have the power to heal. I went to Bimini seeking their help after a sad and difficult time in my life. 

Months before, my brother Dan lost his [...]

Magical Rays

It’s not just the sun that sends us stunning rays. At WildQuest, we often see Southern Stingrays, while Giant Manta Rays are a rare treat – see the video!   These beauties glide [...]

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