The Wisdom of the Dolphins

I came home from the WildQuest dolphin retreat living through my heart. I saw my thoughts pass through my heart and then out my mouth. My body felt light and my mind at ease. The wisdom of the dolphins, and the love and kindness of the WildQuest staff and other participants, made for a powerful heart-opening and playful experience.  

The white sand beach and beautiful turquoise water of The Bahamas were inviting. We played frisbee onshore and body surfed the waves in the ocean. Niketa, our resident chef this year, created meals that were mouth-watering and tummy satisfying. 

One day, as we headed out on the catamaran, the dolphins communicated to me that we would meet up with two dolphins and they would lead us to a large pod of dolphins. We stopped and snorkeled the Atlantis Road, had lunch and headed out to look for dolphins. A short time later we encountered two dolphins. They were playful and curious and kept moving so we followed them. Up ahead there was a pod of dolphins, a large pod of dolphins. As we approached them, we donned our mask, snorkel and fins ready to slide into the water with them. Those who stayed on board later shared the dolphins “were everywhere around us” and they counted at least 45 dolphins!

two dolphins diving up

When I stay open to the moment, it has the opportunity to amaze me! I was snorkeling, watching the dolphins move with ease and flow and play with each other, synchronize with each other, and there she was, a momma and her youngster next to me to the right. I waved and said hello to her through the snorkel. My eyes were wide and my heart was smiling. She looked at me as if touching my soul and then moved away.

A couple of minutes later the momma and youngster were back next to me on my right side. I sent a telepathic hello this time.  She was an older spotted dolphin. The spotted dolphin youngsters are the gray color we often associate with dolphins.  As they get older, they develop white spots. The more spots, the older the dolphin. This dear one had many spots. As I looked at her this time, I noticed the sagging of the eyelid.  My left eyelid sags also. The spots, the sagging, all a part of her aging gracefully. It was a brief connection and she moved away.

To my surprise and delight, she and her young one appeared again next to me on my right side. When I looked in her eye this time, I felt the wisdom of this incredible being inside my heart. We connected so deeply touching the Oneness. I felt a bow and namaste from her, the Light in her honoring the Light in me, and she was gone. Wow!

For me, a passionate area of Animal Communication is mirroring, seeing the challenge and beauty of the animals in ourselves. Getting back on the catamaran, I sat with what had happened with the dolphin. I knew her wisdom was awakening me to the wisdom in me. It was a reminder we are much, much bigger than the physical body. Being given a glimpse of the wisdom was a compelling awareness to live from and trust in the wisdom of the Higher Self.

spotted dolphin on the ocean floor

There was a second message from the dolphins that was meant to get out to the human pod. There was one point on our adventure that we were given an opportunity to jump in the water to cool off. The group was saying no so I went along with them. A while later I connected with the dolphins. Immediately I heard, “Why did you say no? There was an exciting experience waiting for you.” Their message, say “YES” to more experiences. 

So often we hold ourselves back imagining what something might be like rather than allowing it to unfold. We stay in our comfort zone. Allow yourself to touch an edge this week, whether it be your impatience or your fear of something new or the unknown. Be with it. It more than likely will not be comfortable. Ask yourself, “What is it about this (situation, person, etc) that is making me feel uncomfortable?” Stay open to the answer. It may surprise you.

I am grateful for the dolphin retreat and for all who shared the experience with me this year. 

Join me in 2022 for the next dolphin adventure!

Written by Pattie Carney, Animal Communicator, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki III Master & Teacher, Certified Stillpoint Intuitive Healer.

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