Bimini Blue

Poem written by April Borisewitz, WildQuest guest, June 2019

Here we are in the crystal blue
Rays of light filter through
Dancing in the Sea of life
Refracting patterns covering the ocean floor
Pulsating in the waves
Carrying the honeycomb to permeate through
Streams of light fill the space
Rainbow patterns ascending and descending
Sparkling glitter particles wave in the flow
Mirroring the divine that subtly shows
How to hold the perspective of space
To include awe in the way of interpreting the source of Grace
Playful are the actions displayed
Sweet baby and momma show the Trust
That guides every moment
Informed by the ever increasing awareness of inner dimensions
Supporting the convergence of the realm
Injecting the knowledge from within
To cultivate the wisdom of awareness of interconnectivity
To be found in this magical land of serenity
The Journey embarks from the souls who love and guide
Seekers that have been led to the ocean blue
A home away from home…
In the cradle of the WildQuest
Able to trust that they will do the rest

two dolphins diving in the ocean with people in the background
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