Let go, tune in, and have fun!

The back-and-forth exchange of love, healing, and wonder between the Bimini dolphins and the WildQuest retreat guests blows my heart more and more open each year. I’ve been swimming with these beauties for a decade now, and being a WildQuest retreat leader over the past eight years is one of the deepest honours in my life. 

On the pre-retreat Zoom calls I host, I love sharing what the dolphins have taught me about what to do with my body, mind, and heart when I’m in the ocean with them so that they’re more likely to swim close and hang out.

A few of my favourite learnings

a women diving up into the sun rays and a dolphin hanging out right under the surface.

You don’t need to try so hard. Relax into the moment and the flow of the ocean currents.

When a dolphin looks you in the eye, allow the moment to expand and watch as time is suspended.

Let the dolphins initiate being close. Don’t chase them. If you go after a dolphin they mostly swim away from you. But if you float, your arms at your side, heart open and relaxed, they just might find you irresistible.

Notice the special vibe they give off when they’re ready to interact with us – they move more slowly, staying close to the boat. Sometimes they like to swim in small circles around someone who’s floating on the surface, the spiralling energy keeping them close. As you turn in a circle with your new dolphin friend, follow them with your heart as well as your eyes. Observe that as you swim in the circle your energies become connected and intertwined. 

It can be just as fun to watch the dolphins play at the bow of the boat as it is to be in the water with them. Fully enjoy that part of the experience!

Let go, tune in, and have fun!

When you relax and let go of your expectations it allows you to be as more fully present to the effervescent joy the dolphins share so generously.

Another of my favourite things about being a retreat leader is sitting in circle with folks after breakfast so we can hear each other’s stories from the day before: a sweet moment with a baby dolphin or sea turtle, the healing experience of being sonared by a dolphin, or the joy of laughing together as we drive around the ocean (I love how much lightness and laughter shows up on the boat). 

The wonder of a WildQuest retreat goes so far beyond the dolphins. When you remember to expand your conscious awareness you can tune in, with gratitude, to the many wonders that are present 100% of the time in Bimini including:

  • The otherworldly blues of the water and sky… so healing!
  • The peace that is accessible as the sailing catamaran rocks you on the waves, easing the tension in your shoulders and brow.
    Sometimes you don’t realize how tense you are until you begin to unwind.
  • The opportunity to unplug from your phone and the constant scrolling when you’re on the water so you can tune into nature, and to the special, fun people in your group. It’s amazing to watch how your brain and nervous system become more and more peaceful and relaxed with every passing day.
  • Savouring the incredibly deliciously-fresh, healthy, food that is cooked by our very own chef with each person’s special needs lovingly in mind.
Dolphin diving in blue water very close by.

I’d love for you to join me on my retreat week:
Wild Wonder with Cheryl Schirillo | May 19-25 2024

If you have questions about my retreat week or want to sign up now, please contact me directly

Cheryl Schirillo has been leading wild dolphin swim retreats with WildQuest for several years, after being guided through her Dreamtime work with dolphins and whales which began in 2013.

Over the past 21 years, she has studied with Integrative-Medicine Practitioners from Duke University, Buddhist Monks, Native American Shamans, Pacos from Peru, and Ayurveda Masters, as well as leading small group healing sessions and teaching Ayurveda and mindfulness meditation. Cheryl believes it is possible for each of us to play a role in promoting worldwide healing for all beings. 

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