A lifelong dolphin journey

I was on a snorkelling trip in the Abacos, and our boat slowed to observe a small, friendly pod of dolphins. Instinctively I felt a calling, and immersed into the water from the boat. To my surprise, two dolphins came to investigate me. I remained calm and still, and they studied me very closely. I made eye contact with both amazing creatures, and we held space suspended in the crystal blue water for minutes. As I rejoined the crew on the boat I was completely mesmerized, as was the group who had witnessed. From that day forward, I felt a deep connection with dolphins.

I grew up, appreciating the sound of the ocean and the joy of being one with the rhythmic waves. This love for the ocean was initiated by my family and, I’m grateful to say, nourished by the many family trips to the beach. I found my way into the depths of yoga through breath work. My love of water and breath held open the door that had been slightly ajar to the expansive world of yoga. The study of apnea (breath hold) brought me to find a sense of peace under the surface of the water that I’d never experienced on land.  

Years after, my son Arjuna and I lived on a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea. For five months we lived and breathed the vastness and beauty of life on the water.  Sitting on the bow of the 33-foot vessel, frequently dolphins would swim and play and jump only inches from us. This experience continued to solidify the love of dolphins for Arjuna.

Our initial experience with WildQuest was through our dear friend Lydie. She’d been suggesting for years that we accompany her when Arjuna was of age. I went as a co-facilitator, and Arjuna joined me. This experience was one of the top in all of my 54 years. The crew and the group, as well as the opportunity to connect with the dolphins for myself, while also sharing this with Arjuna, was something that left a permanent mark on my heart. These synchronicities and the symbiotic relationship between myself, Arjuna, the dolphins, and the people, led us to decide to create The Journey Within this year at WildQuest, June 30-July 6.

A woman and a young man taking a selfie on the beach with turquoise ocean in the background. They smile happily into the camera.

The impact of the dolphin retreat leaves a lifelong imprint. Sharing the experience initially with my son, who was a teenager at the time, was so special – not only the interaction between him and I, but being able to engage with others as well. This enriched the communication and connection we were able to experience. The community that is created by way of the shared experience is profound.

Arjuna was birthed into a Yoga Shala (Shala = home) as well as a home environment based on the practices of yogic philosophy. The yoga centre that I founded before his arrival was a second home, as well as his home life and nurturing family – centred in self-care. Arjuna came into practices such as meditation with ease.

Five years ago while I was offering a yoga teacher training, Arjuna expressed an interest in deepening his study. He dedicated a year to becoming a certified yoga instructor, founding a yoga club at his high school as his final project. Becoming a certified yoga instructor as a teenager is not the norm, his approach to life is that of awareness and a sensitivity to his environment.  

The combined background that we offer for our WildQuest retreat is that of a dynamic mix, blended and balanced. We have a unique perspective of yoga through the life of a 54-year-old single mom and an 18-year-old college student. Our WildQuest family (the human pod that will be created this week) can expect joy, laughter, openhearted connections, and an invitation to a calm and peaceful approach to each day.

Each morning we’ll begin with breath work to prepare the body and mind to be in a state of openness for the day’s adventures. In the evening our gentle yoga practice will be appropriate to soothe, restore and create an environment to process the interactions of the day. 

Our week is open to all levels of yoga practice, from zero experience to advanced. Through our unique combined approach, our duo brings an expanse of knowledge and you’ll benefit from two teachers complementing each session for support.  The classes will be taught in an “all levels” format meaning we will teach to honor the moment to feel safe and secure to practice how is best for your body. 

Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple or planning to travel with friends/family members, this trip is ideal for deepening your connection to Self and within your relationships. If you simply love the water or dolphins or connecting with others who have similar passions, we’d love to welcome you!

Swimming in the home environment of dolphins requires respect, care, openness, a bit of adventure, appreciation, patience, and kindness. As a guest on our trip, you’ll find all of these attributes woven into the fabric of each day. We hope you will not miss this very unique opportunity to join us. 

With love and light, Kerry & Arjuna.

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