Sacred is the word

If I have to choose a word to describe Bimini and the WildQuest experience, that word is sacred. The incredible sacred space which whispered a calling to my heart 10 years ago. The sacred [...]

Being Ocean: Dancing with Dolphins

โ€œSometimes I just want to rest here, only exactly here; together, eye to eye, time out of time, a kind of communication that feels far and away from the roughness of words.โ€ Looking into the eye [...]

Mermaid Soul Sister

“I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living.” โ€“ Anais Nin. When the dolphins begin to speak, you listen. The first time I heard their [...]

From Cop to Mermaid

By her early twenties Jen was living the dream. A successful Police Officer earning a near six-figure salary, a nice home and a solid five year relationship living with her partner. Yet a gnawing [...]