Are wild dolphins safe to swim with?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is this:  “Are wild dolphins safe to swim with?” We can of course only share from our own experiences here in Bimini, The Bahamas, with the wild [...]

Bimini Blue

Poem written by April Borisewitz, WildQuest guest, June 2019 Here we are in the crystal blueRays of light filter throughDancing in the Sea of lifeRefracting patterns covering the ocean [...]

From our hearts to yours

We wanted to share a beautiful letter Kathleen recently sent to all those who were booked to be joining her WildQuest retreat this May 2020. Her retreat, Being Ocean, is one of the weeks that [...]

Rhonda’s Whale Shark Bliss

Earlier this year, Rhonda manifested her dream of joining the WildQuest crew and her first week was full of surprises, some bigger than others!  Read on to find out about the encounter she [...]

Silva’s soul touching journey

It all started with the most stunning flight I ever took. Being in this small plane with nothing but the sky above and the sea under me I felt free and excited. It was a small adventure itself [...]

“Lamda” – from lost to found

This month we heard an incredible story of a male Atlantic Spotted dolphin who was found stranded on a beach far from his home. “Lamda” was first observed  as a young juvenile [...]

New crew insights from Sarah

I’ve just finished my first season at WildQuest ….what a summer!! I’m so glad I jumped at the chance to come to Bimini. After 10 magical weeks on the island, I can honestly say that joining [...]

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