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I’ve just finished my first season at WildQuest ….what a summer!! I’m so glad I jumped at the chance to come to Bimini. After 10 magical weeks on the island, I can honestly say that joining the crew has already been a huge blessing in my life.  Meeting all of the wonderful guests who come here and getting to swim with the beautiful dolphins and other ocean creatures has been beyond dreamy.

I’m also LOVING the chance to be part of a conscious team that supports human transformation and cares about all living beings and our planet. Plus, having a lot of fun at the same time, of course. More of this please!

Every day here is different, and beautiful.  One of my favourite things has been seeing the changing moods of the ocean and the sky each day, from the calmest and most spectacular sunrises, when the ocean’s like glass, to some pretty hairy tropical storms! Living on such a small island definitely brings you closer to Mother Nature, and is pretty humbling.

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Another team member recently asked me what I love most about being here, and I realised it really is about that connection with nature. I can totally embrace my inner nature nerd and be in my element, happy days!  Plus, there’s something about just ‘being’ in the ocean, that seems to allow us to feel more connected and in the flow of life. The need to trust, let go and just allow the ocean to bring whatever experience will support our growth. In that way, it’s a bit like a lesson in life.  

From my experiences with the dolphins, it feels to me like they’re the true facilitators for all of us. Just watching them playing and lovingly interacting is so uplifting, and seems to help remind us of our own true nature.  People choose to come to WildQuest for all sorts of different reasons, and I’d say that pretty much everyone leaves transformed.

As crew, our role is simply to create the space to allow it all to happen. We show up each day and hope that the dolphins will too, which they usually do, and the rest just happens. The fact that we, as crew, get to be part of it all is such a gift!

Anyone who’s been to WildQuest may have noticed the crew have something in common, they LOVE being in the water (understatement). And their free diving skills are pretty impressive too. I definitely share the former, however not so much the latter. Free diving was a bit of a first for me, and thankfully the rest of the crew are excellent teachers and helped me overcome my fears (which I think came from my claustrophobia!).

I’ve discovered it’s a bit like an underwater meditation and the more relaxed you are the better. Once you get the hang of it and relax into it, it’s such a feeling of freedom and means you can explore even more of the underwater world. If you haven’t tried free diving and want to learn, I’d say come and give it a go, this is the most beautiful place in the world to do it!

Many guests ask me how did I find myself joining the crew? A good question, as I’m from the distant land of Manchester in the UK, and not from any sort of sailing or marine background.  The truth is I followed a (somewhat illogical) calling and dream, initially with no idea how it could possibly happen. However, it seems the universe was listening, as a divine encounter with Amlas and Atmo and some of the WildQuest team in Greece several years ago led me here, and I’m so glad it did. And, as if it was meant to be, my background in marketing and PR, and passion for writing, has also come in handy as I’m going to be supporting WildQuest’s marketing team as well. 

Leaving the island this week, I’m feeling so much gratitude, my heart is full. And I’m excited for more to come! See you in 2019 🙂

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