Love from the WildQuest crew

While we’re all staying home during this time, we’ve made a short video from the WildQuest crew who are all around the world in their respective homes and countries (wishing they were out on the [...]

New crew insights from Sarah

I’ve just finished my first season at WildQuest ….what a summer!! I’m so glad I jumped at the chance to come to Bimini. After 10 magical weeks on the island, I can honestly say that joining [...]

Love Island

The love affair started back in 2003. Gisela King is one of WildQuest’s oldest-serving crew members. These days her job is to meet and greet the arriving pod at the rendezvous point at the Bahia [...]

Jwala’s Favourite Thing to Do

Jwala has been a key member of the crew since we can remember. She takes care of guests on the boat and fixes things when they break. On her time off she likes to go to Stuart’s beach stand for a [...]