Love Island

The love affair started back in 2003. Gisela King is one of WildQuest’s oldest-serving crew members. These days her job is to meet and greet the arriving pod at the rendezvous point at the Bahia Mar Hotel in Fort Lauderdale where she takes care of every single detail of our guest’s visit. Taking everyone out for a group meal, answering all and any questions. Delivering everyone to the airport on time for the short jaunt over to Bimini from the mainland.

“I’m not a tour guide”, laughs Gisela, “I’m a heart guide” referring to the emphasis at WildQuest of taking a vacation from your usual self and connecting back to the heart. “From the minute they arrive, I’m here alongside the rest of the crew to connect our human pod members to their own inner love”.

Gisela’s first encounter with a dolphin was sitting on the bow of the boat. A male catching a free ride in the slipstream caught her, eye to eye. It felt like a thunderbolt. “In the dolphin’s eye I could see God, the divine, whatever you call it”. The meeting set in motion a cascade of inner revelations, leaving Gisella knowing her own divinity. That all creatures on our planet are made of the same stuff. Love.

Hooked from then on, Gisela popped back and forth to Bimini over the next couple of decades, staying from two weeks to two months at a time as a crew member and massage therapist. She would revel in the beautiful blue Bimini waters and most of all find delight in helping guests fall in love too. “Our human pod arrives on Bimini on Monday. By Wednesday they’re already in love with the dolphins, the Islanders and the crew!” she exclaims. “It’s not even unusual, it happens every week,” she explains.

In a nutshell, for Gisela, working at WildQuest is such a joy because “There’s nowhere else I know where so many loving crew take so much authentic care of the people in their charge. On Bimini, the whole experience takes our guests ‘home, where they can relax and feel safe on every level. Just to be”.

That starting point of being in the moment, where life happens, is the not so secret ingredient that makes magic happen at WildQuest.

As well as being the WildQuest meeter and greeter, Gisela also runs a successful massage therapy practice in Delray Beach, FL. And once a month, she manages a trip back to Bimini, to recharge on the love island. And visit her longtime boyfriend, Darrell, a Biminite.

You’ll get to meet Gisela in Florida, when you come on your bucket list vacation.

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