Eight Year Old’s WildQuest Diary

Does it get any better? Tane, just eight years old from Waiheke Island, New Zealand had a lovely adventure at WildQuest when he came to visit with his parents.

He wrote a diary of his gorgeous experiences during his time here, including some very close encounters with dolphins, a turtle, and even a nurse shark.

He also learned to freedive, getting over his fear like a merman. Scroll through his diary entries in the photo gallery… 

Tane inspired us all with his innocence, enthusiasm and passion to learn.

He also became a great crew helper! Arriving at the breakfast kitchen by 7.15 in the mornings, eager to help and getting involved wherever he could. We definitely think he’d make a great crew member in future.

Thanks Tane for being such a sweetheart.

We hope this inspires more of you to bring your kids to WildQuest, it really is an eye and heart opener for the little ones, and a wonderful way to appreciate nature and animals in the wild. 

Dolphins remind us how to play, as kids do. As we humans get older, we tend to take ourselves very seriously and forget how healthy it is to play. How to be in the moment. Innocent.

Tane learning to freedive

Tane learning to freedive

‘Children’ up to 90 years old (and older) come visit us in Bimini, becoming part of our beautiful WildQuest ‘human pod’! Connection has no age limits.

Children two years and older are welcome on any of our WildQuest Sacred Journey retreat programs, June through September – school holiday time in the US and Europe.

Teens twelve years and older are welcome on most of our retreat programs during the season, April to November.

If you’d like to bring a child under two, please contact the reservations office.

We look forward to meeting you and the family.

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