Yoga & Meditation

Tuning In

The present moment is where life happens. The dolphins know this naturally. Yoga and meditation help us remember.

Over the years we’ve discovered the more we are in the present moment and the more we breathe naturally into a deeply relaxed belly, the easier it is to connect with the dolphins in the water. Which is why we offer (optional) yoga, breath ­work and meditation in the mornings before we set out to find them.

Dolphins are ‘conscious’ breathers, they must ‘remember’ to breathe, always ‘being in the present’; a state of conscious awareness that humans find magnetic.

We take lessons from the dolphins and work holistically with the breath, using yoga and other techniques to sharpen our awareness, relax, unwind and fill our bodies with a natural sense of wellbeing. Yoga is also a great way to stretch, open up, tone and strengthen the body. Your body, your beautiful vehicle on this planet, will appreciate it.

Amlas, our resident yoga teacher has been studying and teaching for more than 25 years, in England, India and the USA. She tailors each class intuitively to the level of the group and uses the yoga asanas as a meditation tool.

“Meditation is life’s greatest luxury. I love the profound relaxation you find when you put your mind aside. Combined with yoga, both can be a tremendous help to stop you thinking about the past or the future, letting stress and anxiety go, so you can be right here, right now. In the present moment, where life is happening.”

What a delightful combination. Nurturing exercise, mindfulness, wholesome healthy food, lazy-­days cruising out into open, warm, aquamarine seas to find the dolphins, chilling out on a boat-­full of like-minded people, with loving support from all crew.

Retreats at WildQuest leave you rejuvenated. Full again, with the joys of life and a renewed sense of connection.