Can I bring my drone?

It is fine for you to bring your drone – and we do not allow drones to be brought onto the boat. It is fine for you to use on the island as long as they do not disturb others who are enjoying!

Can I bring my underwater GoPro camera?

Yes, underwater GoPro cameras are fine as long as they are held close to the body. We ask that you do not use go pro “sticks” as they can feel intrusive towards the dolphins and swimming among [...]

Are there mosquitoes?

We can have mosquitos, but on the north island where our retreat center is there are very few. If it is totally still and no wind there can be some mosquitos but usually there is a small breeze [...]

Do I need a wetsuit?

Do check out the weather page where it tells you the temperature of the water and air at different times of the year. Sometimes if people are sensitive to these temperatures then they bring a [...]

What kind of clothing should I bring?

It is HOT! You only need a few light clothes and sandals. Bring a towel for the boat/beach, hat, T- shirts, shorts, maybe a long sleeve t-shirt to cover from the sun, sunscreen (non-oily), [...]

What about hurricanes?

In the tropics, hurricanes are possible. Since 1995 we have had to cancel only five programs due to the possibility of a hurricane. It is very unlikely, but a hurricane can happen, so it is [...]