Divine Bliss & Joy Retreat

April 19-25 2020

with Adena Tryon & Ina Kristine Lovdal

Cost: $2200.00

You are invited on an extraordinary journey to ignite your bliss and innate joy. Join Adena Tryon and Ina Kristine Lovdal for an adventure into the ocean of oneness with the dolphins of Bimini. Experience the profound connection between you and your ancient dolphin family as you swim together in the crystal clear aqua water.

Rest, restore, and adventure as we dive into divine feminine healing. Find your balance, supercharge your intuition, and discover the unique messages and healing the dolphins have for you. The intention of this retreat is to help activate your divine heart, inner knowing, create balance on all levels of your being, and to remember the joyful presence of your inner child.

Experience the profound healing of divine feminine energy and how restoring this essence within can bring flow and ease to your life.

Adena will offer sacred circles including: group discussion, guided meditations and activations with the Stella Maris dolphins and divine feminine teachers, insights into dolphin wisdom, personal practices to align you with your Beauty Way, and water healing ceremony.

Ina will offer yoga sessions to deepen your connection with you Higher Self, increase self-love, and connect with the energy of nature and Source. She teaches Yin Yang Vinyasa Yoga which blends a dynamic flow practice with subtle energetic movements to harmonise Qi-Prana flow of the physical, emotional, and mental body. The Yin yoga also consist of long held poses to enhance the connective tissues and meridian system of the Chinese medicine tradition. Her classes create an inner healing journey towards healing, bliss, peace, and empowerment.

About Adena

Adena Tryon is a bestselling author and divine feminine mystic who offers group sessions, healing ceremonies, and sacred retreats around the world. Embracing life as a modern-day priestess,

Adena teaches the Beauty Way, a divine feminine way of life that honours inherent divinity, joy, and wisdom. The Beauty Way path blooms the sacred heart and inner guidance system to create a joyful, inspiring, and meaningful life.

Adena is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver and a Certified SoulCollage ® Facilitator. In her free time, she is immersed in the ocean, listening to nature, writing, painting, and playing with her family.

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About Ina

Ina Kristine Lovdal found her way into the Eastern healing traditions in 1989. She traveled to China to study acupuncture, Taoist cultivation, and QiGong with various healers, professors, and spiritual mentors. They all educated her and deepened her awareness of the complexity of the human psyche and beyond.

Ina completed her first yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and she has done additional yoga teacher training in Yin yoga and many others styles of yoga. She is the founder of Yin & Yang Yoga Academy in Norway, where she holds Yoga and Qigong Teacher Trainings.

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About the WildQuest Team

The WildQuest Team is an international, unique community of individuals, each with their own very special flavor. They will  support you on land, on the boat and in the water, creating a once in a lifetime experience. You are welcomed into a safe and loving space here at WildQuest that allows relaxation to happen, the feeling of being at home.

We will be going out on the boat each day to connect with the dolphins. Usually we have a picnic lunch on the boat. We will also visit the Atlantis Stones and snorkel at coral reefs.

Everything is optional – participate if it feels right for you. There will also be some free time to relax on the beach and explore the island.

Individual massage sessions are available.

Your Team this Week

  • Amlas
    Amlas English | Director
  • Atmo
    Atmo Czech | Director
  • Vijan
    Vijan Czech | Crew since 2006
  • Tara
    Tara Czech | Crew since 2006
  • Chris
    Chris American | Crew since 2016
  • Niketa
    Niketa American | Crew since 2010
  • Leona
    Leona German | Crew since 2019
  • Nishant
    Nishant English | Crew since 2019
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