Wild Wonder

May 9-15 2021

with Cheryl Schirillo

When you look into the eyes of a wild dolphin you are immediately drawn into a joyful place of peace. In those expansive moments it is effortless to trust that everything is unfolding in perfect order and divine timing.

Cheryl Schirillo invites you to leave the turmoil of the every-day world behind to join her for a week of wild wonder. On her retreat you will have the opportunity to ride the gentle ocean waves of joy, gratitude, peace, love, health, and abundance. The dolphins show us that this vibration is becoming increasingly available as our species experience a quantum jump in evolution.

Every morning on retreat you can decide to have a delicious sleep in or join Cheryl on the dock for a guided, sunrise meditation then yoga. After an elaborate homemade breakfast everyone has free time to enjoy a walk on the beach, a bike ride, or perhaps lounging in the hammock under the palm trees. Late morning it is time to head out on our gorgeous sailing catamaran to swim with the dolphins.

All around our little island is where both Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins play, make babies, feed, and enjoy hanging out with their human friends. Of course, we can’t guarantee the weather, or promise dolphin interaction in the wild, but it is rare not to find the dolphins when you are out on the water for much of the day. Snorkeling with the dolphins four out of five days is typical.

Please email Cheryl Schirillo if you are interested in this week’s retreat. She will sign you up directly and plug you into the Zoom calls she creates specially for her retreats so everyone can get to know each other before arriving on the island.

About Cheryl

Cheryl Schirillo has been working with dolphins and whales in the Dreamtime since 2013, and has been blessed with an abundance of time in the ocean with the Bimini Dolphins over the past seven years. She led her first WildQuest Retreat in 2019.

Cheryl believes it is possible for each of us to play a role in promoting world-wide healing for all beings. She has come to this understanding after two decades of working in direct partnership with Nature, leading small group healing sessions, and teaching Ayurveda and mindfulness-meditation.

Cheryl has studied with Integrative-Medicine Practitioners from Duke University, Buddhist Monks, Pacos from Peru, and Native-American Shamans. She is President/CEO of Bridges Connecting Communities, Inc. and Founder of the Imagination Installations Project.


About the WildQuest Team

The WildQuest Team is an international, unique community of individuals, each with their own very special flavor. They will  support you on land, on the boat and in the water, creating a once in a lifetime experience. You are welcomed into a safe and loving space here at WildQuest that allows relaxation to happen, the feeling of being at home.

We will be going out on the boat each day to connect with the dolphins. Usually we have a picnic lunch on the boat. We will also visit the Atlantis Stones and snorkel at coral reefs.

Everything is optional – participate if it feels right for you. There will also be some free time to relax on the beach and explore the island.

Individual massage sessions are available.

Your Team this Week

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