The Magic of the Breath

June 6-12 2021

with Carol Cumber

Has there ever been a time more needed than now to learn how to take a deep meaningful loving breath, drop your shoulders, relax and find the joy of living from an authentic heart? Let’s learn to swim with ease through “The Waters of Life” and revel in a loving community.

It would be an honour for me if you want to join me here. We are all intuitive beings. I offer my abilities to assist you in journeying, with your own natural breath, into the fathomless oceans of your heart. To embrace the beloved within you that awaits our focus and release into this new world we are a part of now.

Naturally, we will have fun and laughter along our journey too… There is much to learn from our dolphin friends.

I invite you to join me for this week of Magic, to let go and BE, to find a new rhythm of breathing and living as we co-create a new beginning. We will explore our individual potential within the world of energy and love during this week, revealing the wise, courageous leader that you are.

About Carol

My intention is to send you a beautiful hug over the ether, a frequency of love that wraps around you so you know you are seen, heard, and loved exactly the way you are.

I will be 60 when we share this adventure and have some 25 years of experience as an intuitive, healer and facilitator of change.

My passion, and love, is to explore who you are and offer you a place where you feel safe and brave enough to see yourself as I do. I see you as a perfect shimmer of light that has chosen to inhabit this human body during this lifetime, at this pivotal time of humanity. Our potential can allow our hearts space to emerge…

Find out more about me on my website.

About the WildQuest Team

The WildQuest Team is an international, unique community of individuals, each with their own very special flavor. They will  support you on land, on the boat and in the water, creating a once in a lifetime experience. You are welcomed into a safe and loving space here at WildQuest that allows relaxation to happen, the feeling of being at home.

We will be going out on the boat each day to connect with the dolphins. Usually we have a picnic lunch on the boat. We will also visit the Atlantis Stones and snorkel at coral reefs.

Everything is optional – participate if it feels right for you. There will also be some free time to relax on the beach and explore the island.

Individual massage sessions are available.

Your Team this Week

To be announced

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