Telepathic Communication with Animals

July 11-17 2021

with Mary J. Getten

Cost: $2095.00

Swimming with dolphins is a magical experience, but actually communicating with them and receiving their thoughts and feelings is transforming.

Are you ready to change your life? Join me on this fun-filled week in the clear blue waters of Bimini. We will open our hearts and minds to commune with the dolphins and rekindle our connection with our cetacean cousins. Dolphins and whales create an enlightened energy field around them. By spending time in this field, you are changed forever.

Communicating telepathically with animals is an innate ability that we are all born with and it only takes some instruction and practice to hone this talent. Mary will lead daily sessions to help you open your telepathic skills and connect with animals – even your pets at home. You will also commune with the dolphins at deeper and deeper levels. You do not need any prior telepathic communication instruction – you will get it here!

This is Mary’s 13th and final year teaching animal communication at WildQuest. Don’t miss this opportunity for a transformative week with fun-loving and like-minded people who love animals and can’t stop talking to them!

About Mary

Mary J. Getten, is a marine naturalist, retired telepathic animal communicator, teacher, and author of the Nautilus Award winning book, ‘Communicating with Orcas; The Whales’ Perspective‘ and a contributor to the new book ‘Dolphins and Whales Forever‘. She was a coordinator of the San Juan County Marine Mammal Stranding Network, a wildlife rehabber, and led whale trips in the San Juan Islands of Washington State for more than a decade.

Mary helped clients around the world create more harmony and understanding with their pets for 22 years. Now in her 22nd year teaching animal and nature communication, teaching has become her main focus. Mary has also taken many groups to meet with Grey Whales in Baja, Mexico, Belugas in Canada, and to swim with Humpbacks in Tonga and the Dominican Republic.

For more details on Mary J. Getten visit her website.

About the WildQuest Team

The WildQuest Team is an international, unique community of individuals, each with their own very special flavor. They will  support you on land, on the boat and in the water, creating a once in a lifetime experience. You are welcomed into a safe and loving space here at WildQuest that allows relaxation to happen, the feeling of being at home.

We will be going out on the boat each day to connect with the dolphins. Usually we have a picnic lunch on the boat. We will also visit the Atlantis Stones and snorkel at coral reefs.

Everything is optional – participate if it feels right for you. There will also be some free time to relax on the beach and explore the island.

Individual massage sessions are available.

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