Living a Passionate Life

May 29 - June 4 2022

with Kathleen Livingston and Deryn & Steve Winchester

Cost: $1995.00

Passion Test – Learn tools to discover and manifest your true passions! This is a fun interactive workshop to help you create more clarity about your life purpose and passions. You will also learn to overcome blocks to creating the life you always dreamed of and a highly effective win/win communication technique. Come learn how to create more balance and abundance in your life! The tools are based on bestselling book “The Passion Test,” by Chris and Janet Attwood. Kathleen, a certified Passion Test Facilitator and development coach will guide you through this process.

After taking the Passion Test in 2012, Kathleen left the corporate world to live her passions becoming Transformational Coach, Yoga Teacher and expanded her healing practice. After a few years Kathleen realised one of her passions was missing. One of Kathleen’s passions is to also help develop people and organisations. So she went back to the corporate world! Now she is enjoying living ALL of her passions!

Monroe Sound Science is another amazing tool to assist your journey of inner discovery. While in creative states, deep meditation, or under the influence of rhythmic sound, both hemispheres of the brain may become entrained and function simultaneously, like dolphins and whales. This state is called hemisphere synchronisation.

Deryn and Steve Winchester have been Residential Trainers at The Monroe Institute since 2013 (the world’s leading residential educational centre for exploring expanded states of consciousness), and have extensive experience training and sharing the sound technology with others. Each participant will be given an iPod for the week loaded with a selection of Monroe Sound Science exercises and music..

When you’re in the water with dolphins you’re immersed in the special energy they send out through the sonic vibrations they use to perceive their environment. Their high frequency sound waves travel through your body like medical ultrasound, affecting your mood, your physical wellbeing, and your consciousness.

The leading thinking is that sound waves cause your mind and body to synchronise with the dolphin’s natural frequencies in the same way that your brainwaves synchronise with Hemi-Sync and other entrainment technologies. In other words, by being in the presence of dolphins your consciousness begins to shift as you attune to their higher frequencies, but you do so naturally and without any technological help.

When you swim with dolphins you feel a sense of intimate connection as you relax into a light-hearted joy that many people describe as mystical or even magical. The feeling is ecstatic, healing, and, dare we say it, potentially addicting. Now you can also experience it for yourself when on land. This is a feeling you can take with you even after you leave the crystal clear waters of Bimini.

About Kathleen

Kathleen is a Transformational Coach, Business Consultant, Yoga Teacher and Usui Reiki Master. In addition, she has been working in the corporate world for over 25 years and held several leadership positions in human resources and labor relations.

This will be Kathleen’s 12th WildQuest trip to swim with the dolphins and she threatens every year that someday she just might not leave. Kathleen has been on a continuous journey of transforming from within and living life to the fullest. One of her top passions is assisting others in self-discovery and manifestation of their own passions.

More information about Kathleen’s current business can be found at TransformingFromWithin.com

About Deryn & Steve

Deryn and Steve Winchester have been Residential Trainers for the Monroe Institute since 2013.  They also  play a big part in supporting Monroe going virtual and creating local communities around the world. They met each other at the Monroe Institute in 2009 and married in 2012. Since then they have run their own local Monroe group in Phoenix where they facilitated monthly meditations and workshops. Together they share a passion for the message and techniques developed by Bob Monroe and The Monroe Institute. They are excited to share these teachings whenever and wherever they can.  

Steve’s day job is currently in the computer chip industry as a Product Development Specialist. He has worked as a researcher in multiple disciplines of Material Science for over forty years. Deryn has a Masters in Education and taught in the Montessori educational system for 25 years.

Steve and Deryn have been on two trips to Bimini Trips as participants. Now they are honored and excited to be returning in a leadership role on this trip that combines the magic of swimming with Dolphins and personal exploration of one’s purpose using Monroe Sound Science and the Passion Test.

Deryn and Steve currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Find out more on energymedicinesquared.com

About the WildQuest Team

The WildQuest Team is an international, unique community of individuals, each with their own very special flavor. They will  support you on land, on the boat and in the water, creating a once in a lifetime experience. You are welcomed into a safe and loving space here at WildQuest that allows relaxation to happen, the feeling of being at home.

We will be going out on the boat each day to connect with the dolphins. Usually we have a picnic lunch on the boat. We will also visit the Atlantis Stones and snorkel at coral reefs.

Everything is optional – participate if it feels right for you. There will also be some free time to relax on the beach and explore the island.

Individual massage sessions are available.

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