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20 Seasons of Human-Dolphin Connection

WildQuest is the best place in the world to connect and play with joyful, wild and free dolphins - experience the ultimate Human-Dolphin Connection.

We have been connecting and swimming with wild dolphins here in the warm Caribbean ocean since 1995. Our dolphin swims are conducted with respect and awareness. WildQuest provides a supportive and safe environment, both on the boat and on land for the optimum Human-Dolphin Connection. The Bahamas offers the very best environment for swimming with dolphins. The water here in Bimini is turquoise, beautifully clear and very warm.

Every day we go out on the boat to connect and swim with the wild dolphins in their natural environment. The ocean is around 30 feet / 10 meters deep, so you can always see the bottom. Dolphins and humans love it here.

The combination of Yoga, healthy food and a supportive environment along with your dolphin connections, helps you to relax, expand and re-connect. Swimming with dolphins is a life-changing experience.

Every week our excellent photographer Atmo captures new Human-Dolphin Connections on camera, which are later compiled on a DVD ready for you to take home.

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