The Best Place To Swim With Dolphins In The Wild

The WildQuest Experience Of A Lifetime!

Yoga & Meditation

We take lessons from the dolphins and work holistically with the breath, using yoga and other techniques to sharpen our awareness, relax, unwind and fill our bodies with a natural sense of wellbeing.

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We invite you to come and enjoy these magnificent sentient beings in their own home, on their own terms and to share the mutual joy of being together in the crystal clear, warm waters off the Bimini coast.

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Healthy Food & Relaxation

Nourishing from the inside out! Happy tummies make happy holidays. Our expert cook prepares delicious, mostly organic, healthy meals, and can cater for most dietary needs. It’s a treat to eat outside, overlooking the bay.

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Dolphin Tales #7

Dive into the latest video from the Dolphin Tales series. Every episode is full of stunning footage above and under the water.

The Human-Dolphin Connection

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What Our Guests Say

  • I have been swimming with the wild dolphins in different places, and several times in Bimini. It is a peace of Paradise on Earth.The sun, the moon, the island life and the warm Caribbean ocean make you tune into nature and it soothes the soul. Add WildQuest to that and you get the ultimate experience including the best dolphin encounters in the world!

  • I was concerned that my inexperience in deep water would negatively impact my time on the boat… But as the week progressed, the patience and care shown to me by this extraordinary staff allowed me to join our pod and even swim beside the dolphins... To my delight and surprise, I felt safe and protected every moment I was in the water... I'm grateful to have had this incredible and deeply satisfying opportunity.

  • Just back from a week of healing in Bimini. The staff is warm and genuine. The guest rooms are spacious and comfortable. The food is made on the spot and fresh daily. The Dolphins are loving, generous and playful, always willing to interact with positive energy. You can come back to yourself here without much effort. What are you waiting for...?

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