Going Wild at 97!

“What’s this thing called a bucket list?” 97-year-old Jeannie Johnson asked. “All the things you haven’t done yet that you’d still like to,” explained her best friend Steve, aged 65. On Jeannie’s [...]

Oceanic Royalty

Suddenly, there he was. Literally out of the blue. All 25ft of him. A whale shark showed up on DolphinQuest’s bow. We jumped in quickly enough to have a swim and he slowed and stayed a while with [...]

Healing The Heart

By Terri O’Hara I believe dolphins have the power to heal. I went to Bimini seeking their help after a sad and difficult time in my life. 

Months before, my brother Dan lost his [...]

Magical Rays

It’s not just the sun that sends us stunning rays. At WildQuest, we often see Southern Stingrays, while Giant Manta Rays are a rare treat – see the video!   These beauties glide [...]