Silva’s soul touching journey

It all started with the most stunning flight I ever took. Being in this small plane with nothing but the sky above and the sea under me I felt free and excited. It was a small adventure itself [...]

A Deep Dive with Dolphins

The first time I dropped gracefully into the gentle blue-green Bahamian waters from WildQuest’s beautiful catamaran named DolphinQuest, surprising warmth greeted and enveloped me like a childhood [...]

The Sea by Mary Oliver

Stroke by stroke my body remembers that life and cries for the lost parts of itself—- fins, gills opening like flowers into the flesh—-my legs want to lock and become one muscle, I [...]

Snorkeling 101

If you’re coming to WildQuest, the comfier you are with breathing gently and clearing your snorkel, the more beautiful your time will be. You don’t have to be a good swimmer to enjoy [...]

Going Wild at 97!

“What’s this thing called a bucket list?” 97-year-old Jeannie Johnson asked. “All the things you haven’t done yet that you’d still like to,” explained her best friend Steve, aged 65. On Jeannie’s [...]