Deborah’s inspiring story of dolphin healing

“If you are lucky, you will discover an incredible place that changes your life forever. Bimini WildQuest IS that sacred, power vortex and what occurred in myself was life-changing. I had ‘come home’.  My only fear – immersing my face in the water – was healed immediately by trusting the dolphins.”

ReikiDeborah Paulter Master Deborah Pautler shares her inspirational story of healing with the help of the dolphins, and how she was inspired to create her own retreat week with WildQuest – Now is The Time – which you can be part of if you feel called.                                              

Now is The Time became my mantra many years ago when my healing journey began in 1996 after many years of searching for “something”.  It’s been woven into the fabric of my soul energy and it’s my driving force and life purpose to help others heal.   I had trauma from incest that manifested in addiction, relationship problems, physical dis-ease and I knew I wanted quality of life, positivity and purpose.  I always knew dolphins would be part of my “healing” which required me to overcome my fear of the water. (I was literally afraid to put my face in ANY water!)

WildQuest and the dolphins “called to me” in 2014 and this was the catalyst for my freedom!  I knew from my first hour in the water, looking through the intoxicating elixir of the Bahamian waters that my life was forever changed.  The moment the first dolphin brushed my shoulder and I received the message: “You have got this; you are one with the water”, my fear was forever released and healed.  Last year I brought my sister to experience this sacred place and the resounding inner voice message on my journey as a Reiki Master Teacher/Healer was: “Now is the Time to share this healing oasis of love and light”!!!!! 

Deborah Reiki Dolphins

We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow and whatever you are searching for, I guarantee becoming one with the water, dolphins and others in the human pod will guide you in the direction of your particular healing journey.  The WildQuest family is a nurturing, organic, loving retreat!!!  It will surpass any “expectations” as this is so very much more than swimming with dolphins (as if that weren’t enough). I want to help others get in touch with the magic of nature at its very core:  sun, wind, water, the taste of salt water, connecting with the creatures of the ocean and other humans in the pod/group.   

Now is The Time to give yourself permission to tune out negativity, turn off the TV, trust your inner voice and travel within to hear your guides, angels and higher power (however you choose to call it) and heal.

My ocean drum and Himalayan healing/singing bowls from the 17th and 18th centuries for sound therapy are a perfect compliment to this paradise, and my Reiki sessions will help heal you physically, mentally and emotionally and spiritually.

My journey is documented at my website www.rmdp.biz and on facebook at Reiki Master Deborah Pautler.  

Listen to yourself….Now is The Time.

There are still a few spaces left on Deborah’s beautiful retreat week, so if you’re feeling called, click here to reserve your place!

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