Magnificent Humpback Whales

The whale trip this year was once again beyond words. This is what seems to come up a lot – no words for such an experience. 

We were blessed with fantastic weather and many whales. Mums and calves, rowdy groups of males fighting each other for the valued place next to the female and also, of course, singing whales.

Atmo’s photos are once again stunning and impart something of the mystery of this human whale connection. Browse the full collection of pics on flickr by clicking here.

The boat and cabins are comfortable and one of the best things is being offline for a week! Out in the middle of the ocean with no phones or internet. Just the simple rhythm of life – yoga (yes yoga on a boat is possible!!) eating (yes – there was a LOT of fantastic food!) and being out on the water communing with the ocean, whales and the people that shared this adventure.

We were a fantastic pod! Thank you all.

Read more about it in a blog post on Aquatic Adventures website.

Anyone interested in a future WildQuest whale trip can connect with Amlas.

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