Dolphins & Whales & Sharks … Oh My!

“DOLPHINS ! Yay … Swim” “WHALES !  Whoa … Look” “SHARK !  Sh!t … Run!” Anyone of these may occasionally be heard in shouts from the foredeck of a boat or in the shallows of a beach. The [...]

Magnificent Humpback Whales

The whale trip this year was once again beyond words. This is what seems to come up a lot – no words for such an experience.  We were blessed with fantastic weather and many whales. [...]

Blackfish – The Movie

If you love wildlife where they should be, living in their natural habitats, this 2013 documentary is a must-watch. Blackfish is a psychological thriller about Seaworld’s infamous [...]

Free Diving with Whales

This is one of the most beautiful videos we’ve ever seen. Made using GoPro cameras.  Champion free divers as graceful as gossamer, communing with the ocean’s biggest animal. A [...]