Magical Dolphin Frequencies

Mirabai Devi is an International Spiritual Teacher from South Africa who currently lives on Kauai. For 30 years she has led millions of people all over the world into experiences of spiritual [...]

A Deep Dive with Dolphins

The first time I dropped gracefully into the gentle blue-green Bahamian waters from WildQuest’s beautiful catamaran named DolphinQuest, surprising warmth greeted and enveloped me like a childhood [...]

Free to Heal

Krystal forgot what happened that first time she met a dolphin at five year’s old until twenty years later, when exactly the same thing happened. Both times she reached out to interact with the [...]

The Dolphins’ Greatest Fan

When Susanna first came to WildQuest, her life and heart were in a mess. “I was shut down, I’d built up such an armour in my job to keep going, but it was killing me,” she muses, remembering the [...]