Magical Dolphin Frequencies

Mirabai Devi is an International Spiritual Teacher from South Africa who currently lives on Kauai. For 30 years she has led millions of people all over the world into experiences of spiritual activations, awakenings and spiritual healings.

Mirabai Devi has led many beautiful retreats here with us at WildQuest and, this week shares some insights into her magical 2019 retreat and her experiences with the wild dolphins of Bimini.

“When we’re swimming with the wild dolphins, we are up close and personal with them. We are in their home where they play, fish and hunt, mate, and practice their diving formations.  One of the most incredible aspects of our week together is when we all become one pod. We are the pod of humans merging with the pod of dolphins, and when we all interact with one another we become as one,” says Mirabai.

“We swim with them like they’re our family and we become part of their family. They feel our vibration and our energy, and they bring us into their pod. You’ll feel that they have a frequency that is not of this earth. It is absolutely incredible.

Mirabai Devi
Mirabai Devi

“When we’re in the water with them and they’re interacting with us, they’re always sharing their high frequencies of healing, light, love and joy, and often we feel moved into a state of bliss and ecstatic joy.

“That’s the frequency they resonate with. And that’s what keeps me coming back year after year.

“The individuals who come on this retreat will receive a deep perspective of themselves, an open heart and an awakened consciousness.

“Swimming with the dolphins and receiving Divine Light Transmissions will help lead them to feelings of bliss and joy, and help to ease pain, suffering and worldly concerns.

“All of the Caribbean is special, but the island and coast of Bimini is exquisite. The waters are warm with crystal clear reflections of aqua and teal variations. Gazing out over the ocean reminds us of brilliant blue and green gemstones, glistening in the sun.”

Mirabai will lead different spiritual practices during the retreat, including prayers, mantras and forgiveness work, energy work and breathwork for self-healing. She’ll also be leading Darshans (Blessings) and group Light Transmissions both on land at the WildQuest retreat centre as well as on the boat. 

“These spiritual practices will allow us to go more deeply into our hearts and clear blockages, which then allows us to open even further to the healing and magical energies of the dolphins.”

If Mirabai’s Dolphin Journey retreat is calling you, swim on over to her details page and sign up to reserve your place.

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