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Krystal forgot what happened that first time she met a dolphin at five year’s old until twenty years later, when exactly the same thing happened. Both times she reached out to interact with the animal, both times the dolphin ended up taking her hand gently into its mouth and blasting her with a transmission of unconditional love and connection to oneness.

In those twenty years the understanding against having dolphins in captivity has grown enormously and Krystal’s interactions with them have changed to match.

She’s always been a healer – first training as a Physical Therapist using movement sciences, anatomy and physiology to heal the body. But she soon intuited that wasn’t enough to heal the whole being, which led her to taking up massage and craniosacral therapy, where she learnt to connect with and unblock someone’s energy field and get them back into balance.

But the dolphins in Krystal’s heart just wouldn’t go away. So she decided to find a way to bring them into her healing work. She found a unique spot on the island of Tortolla, British Virgin Islands where three rescued dolphins and their babies lived in a lagoon. They could have jumped the sea level fence at any time into open ocean. But they never did.

Instead they were part of a program of human-dolphin-healing that was a bit like a ‘meet-up under human care’. The cetaceans (who were incapable of survival in the wild) were free in a large lagoon to swim up to and interact with the humans in the water only if they wanted to, only on their own terms. Free to share their energy without being rewarded for it or needing to perform for food, the dolphins usually swam up close and connected either through direct touch or communicating by sonar.

Krystall in session

“We witnessed amazing transformations with hundreds of people,” Krystal explains of the physical and emotional changes she witnessed. “Everyone found a deeper connection to consciousness, authenticity and soul purpose after this gift of interaction the dolphins offer”, Krystal points out. “ I knew these interactions were sacred, when you are relaxed and the target of a dolphin’s energy, it’s the most profound thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s a sharing of wisdom and unconditional love both ways.”

Everyone involved was aware and conscious Krystal explains, “It takes being a ‘nobody’ in total vulnerability to really connect with another being ”. She was learning this oneness through the dolphin interactions.

After eight years of running these healing sessions and given changing public opinion about animals kept even under even the kindest conditions of ‘human care’, Krystal heard the call of the wild. She made her first trip to Bimini and started small groups of twelve guests living on a boat for a week, going out to meet the dolphins in the open ocean every day. “What a joy to meet the wild dolphins and decipher their messages and translate that healing energy into stuff we can actually apply in each of our daily lives’.

Krystal and Piotrek

The next evolutionary step for Krystal and her healing powers is to host a full moon retreat at WildQuest in July 2018. The week is designed to get right past any novelty factor of swimming with the dolphins and to dig deep into the meaning of it all. “We’re going to explore what the space of connection really means and how that translates into our healing and awakening to what’s real”, Krystal explains. “We’re moving past anything that keeps us stuck in the limits of daily life, to live in the present moment which is what gives our life meaning and purpose’.

Krystal’s partner Piotrek joins her for the group, bringing his talents as a musician and dancer into what promises to be a heady mix of healing powers and awakenings.

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