Reflections from the WildQuest kitchen

When our beloved cook Tara was unable to come for this year’s season I was asked to step in as WildQuest cook. I’ve been a long time foodie, kitchen hover-er and part-time cook/dessert chef over [...]

Kale Salad

Our guests love the Kale salad so much, it’s often the first one to run out and we have to make more. Here’s the recipe for a tangy, nutty, healthy favourite you can make and enjoy [...]

Tara Bread

Whenever Tara our cook bakes bread, the smell is so homely, it makes you want to cut up a few slices hot from the oven, slather them with butter and take a seat over the heavenly lagoon behind [...]

Salmon with Caper Sauce

If you’ve been to WildQuest, you’d have enjoyed this lovely Salmon dish, simply crafted by our beloved cook Tara.  Quick and easy to make, here’s the recipe to remind you [...]