Surrender. Relax, Allow, Receive, Enjoy.

Rob Israel is a facilitator, writer and mystic as well as a certified coach. He joined us for a week in July and was deeply inspired by his encounters with the wild dolphins.

That’s me swimming with the wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins in the open ocean.

I’m integrating what I learned after five days swimming with them. I am convinced as ever that these beings are our teachers and if we stretch ourselves, perhaps we can be more like them. Mainly, we get to request to be in their presence and learn with humility.

As a culture and society we are killing creatures great and small in large because of our disconnection with the Way or the Tao. The insanity of humankind is a critical lesson and awareness, and the dolphin, points directly at truth and what is important.

Moving towards it the Tao recedes. Surrendering, you are enveloped.

Rob Israel jumping into the ocean

WildQuest taught us a great acronym on how to be with the dolphins:


To be in the water with them was pure exhilaration and bliss. How could I not want it sooooo badly the next time we spotted them?

The desire was strong and yet I learned to surrender. I began to request. Then I floated, observed and learned from my teachers.

Allowing takes a letting go of my agenda. Surrender to what arises, going with the flow and being at one with what is. This is the Way….

Now to bring that to NYC!

Find out more about Rob’s work at www.robis.coach

Rob Israel and the dolphins

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